4 tips to lose weight and regain body shape

4 tips for new moms to lose weight and regain the pre-pregnancy body shape

While new moms are always happy and very excited about their newborn baby, they are at the same time worried about their body shape. Women’s bodies shape change during and after pregnancy.  It is very difficult for most moms to lose weight and regain her body shape after childbirth.

Depending on what shape and size a woman was before she conceived her baby, and how much weight she gained during pregnancy, it can take weeks or months she shrinks back to her pre-pregnancy weight or shape . Research suggest that most women regain their pre-pregnancy body at least after six months after their baby’s birth.

This post provides 3 great tips that can help new moms  to lose weight and return to their pre-pregnancy weight after childbirth.

The first proven tip that a new mom to lose weight and regain her body shape is Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has several benefits for a new mom and her baby. Breastfeeding produces a hormone called oxytocin  which helps the uterus to shrink and return to its normal size after delivery. 

This can help a new mom to recover quicker from childbirth.  Producing breast milk naturally promotes help burn calories, which can speed up weight loss after birth. When a new mom breastfeeds, she burns extra calories to make milk. 

Research suggests that about 300 calories is burnt per day by breastfeeding mom, though the exact amount is different for everyone. However, if a new mom eats more than she burns off, she will put on weight, even if she is breastfeeding.

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The second tip for new moms to lose weight and regain her body shape is eating healthy
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What a new mom eat after giving birth is super important. It is important for her own health and  for her baby’s growth and development. Eating well can speed postpartum recovery.

Filling up complex carbs, fiber, vegetable, fruits, healthy fats and low fat protein, and drinking lot of water would provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs to helps heal faster

The third tip for a new mom to lose weight and regain her body shape faster is frequently wearing a postpartum Belly Wrap

Belly wraps are tight undergarments meant to provide light compression to your stomach and shrink it back to pre-pregnancy size. Belly binding is process that is designed to make postpartum recovery a little easier and might help new mom’s body heal faster.

Research suggests that belly wraps provide physical support to your organs and muscles as they move back into place after you give birth, which can help new moms recover faster.

Belly wraps applied to the abdomen and around the hips can provide support to the pelvic floor. It offers gentle compression that holds muscle and ligaments safely in place as the body heals. 

This light compression from abdominal wraps can support the natural transverse abdominal when you can’t contract it yet. No wonder people have been wrapping their bellies after giving birth for generations. Many tribes and cultures have the tradition of wrapping women’s bellies after they have giving birth.

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The fourth tip for a new mom to lose weight and regain her body shape is practicing gentle exercises
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A new mom can do light exercises in the early weeks after giving birth to burn calories and help tone your stomach muscles. She can start slowly by walking and stretching and gradually build up your exercise levels. 

She can also start pelvic floor exercises and work on gently toning up your lower tummy muscles. Once she feel comfortable with pelvic floor exercises, she can start working her belly. She can do gentle toning exercises like Pelvic tilts, bridges and leg slides etc…

If you had a caesarean, don’t push yourself too soon. It is advisable to start gentle exercises after the first six weeks to give time to the operation for healing

Losing weight especially belly fat after given birth can be difficult. But it is so important because stomach fat is considered the unhealthiest of all body fats as it releases hormones associated with certain diseases. Adopting a combination of breastfeeding, healthy eating, exercising programs and wrapping the belly can help new moms lose weight and regain their pre-pregnancy body shape faster after given birth

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