Pure Marine Collagen – Type I Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder – 360g (12g per serving) 30 serving


Support your hair, skin nail, joints, and digestive health with Sandycare Hydrolyzed Pure Marine Collagen!

Safe, natural, live ingredient collagen peptide powder made with premium sourced, wild-caught marine (fish) collagen.
Marine collagen is a great alternative for those who do not consume beef products but who need a reliable source of collagen.

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Sandycare Hydrolyzed Type I Pure Marine Collagen is a safe, natural, live ingredient collagen peptide powder made with premium sourced, wild-caught marine (fish) collagen. It will help you age beautifully and gracefully.


100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (wild-caught fish): Our fish collagen is as close to nature as possible and delivers the purest, most nutrient-rich collagen and high-quality proteins available

Key Features:

  • No artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or fillers.
  • Naturally free from wheat, gluten, lactose, and dairy. Non – irradiated and non-GMO
  • Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers

Usage and Instructions:

  • Adult intake 2 scoop of  pure marine collagen once or twice daily, according to your personal and lifestyle needs (Scoop is included in the pack)
  • Add to water, smoothie, or juice.
  • For the greatest results, use a pure marine collagen mixed in a refrigerated beverage. Collagen peptides have already been melted so any other alteration can destroy the benefits it can and will give you health-wise.

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Collagen is an abundant protein that lives in all of our connective tissue and gives skin its firmness.  It keeps skin from wrinkling and sagging. Think of it as scaffolding on a building. Our body produces collagen throughout our lifetime, but the production starts slowing down as we approach our mid-twenties.

The majority of collagen in our bodies is made up of three types: type one gives skin its firmness, type two makes up our joints and type three gives tissue its elasticity. The collagen protein is too large to penetrate or affect the surface of your skin to do any good.

It really ends up just sitting on our skin until it’s washed off. However, when we take collagen orally, the benefits are amazing. It increases our levels of collagen helping brighten and tighten our skin to give you a beautiful glow.

Unlike collagen, hydrolyzed collagen powder is more bioavailable. The enhanced bioavailability means more natural absorption into the bloodstream. Regular peptides, due to their long shape, cannot deliver the same health benefits. The smaller fragments in hydrolyzed collagen supplements are easier to digest. Thus, they break down quickly into molecules that enter the bloodstream.

The hydrolyzed form has an absorption rate of 90%, versus 27% if acquired through food. When shopping for supplements, make sure you choose hydrolyzed collagen protein powder.

Sandycare Marine collagen protein is a great skin care and general health supplement. Collagen powder benefits the body in many ways and makes up a large part of bone broth supplements. Collagen benefits skin, hair, weight loss, joints, digestion, and much more. It’s a very versatile supplement. Many people use collagen peptides in place of traditional protein powders. Here are the benefits of Sandycare  Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Protein Powder  supplements:

Skin Care and Anti-Aging

Hydrolyzed collagen powder is a key ingredient of many anti-aging lotions and creams. You’ll see collagen masks, collagen serum, and many other skin care cosmetics. As it turns out, using collagen for skin can be quite beneficial. Several studies showed that older women use collagen supplement to improve their skin moisture and elasticity.

Collagen also reduced skin dryness by taking 2,5 to 5 grams of collagen protein powder per day. This double-blind, placebo-controlled study also found no side effects. The study’s results suggest collagen for skin tightening and anti-aging works wonders.

This finding is not shocking. Older women experience lower collagen production. Naturally, this leads to loose skin and the formation of wrinkles. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides can keep your skin looking new while feeling firm. One study suggests that oral supplementation is more effective than topical creams. But, what else can collagen supplements do for a youthful appearance? There many other collagen benefits for skin that we will discuss below.

Face and Eye Wrinkles

One of hydrolyzed collagen’s cosmetic applications involves eliminating wrinkles on your face. Due to lowered collagen production, skin becomes dry, and lines start to form. As a result, it leads to an older and unhealthy appearance. Using collagen for wrinkles can help.

Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Cellulite and stretch marks both have a similar cause. When collagen and elastin fibers weaken over time, we produce less collagen. The skin will then lose its elastic properties. The skin is thinner, which makes the fat deposits push through the weakened fibers. That is how cellulite and stretch marks begin to form on your skin. Rapid weight loss or gain in a short speed up their development.

Acne Scars and Healing

Can pure marine collagen supplements for acne scars and healing work? There are a variety of causes for the formation of acne scars that do not heal. We can blame almost 90% of acne scars on collagen loss and degradation of collagen fibers. Restoring collagen production speeds up the healing process and removes acne scars faster. Its anti-aging properties regenerate skin cells, which will replace damaged cells.

 Hair Growth & Hair Loss

Using collagen for hair growth and hair loss is another benefit to consider. Collagen is an integral part of maintaining healthy hair. Sometimes there is a lack of collagen due to breakdown and low production. If this happens, the hair follicles generate thinning and brittle hair. Collagen prevents damage to the hair follicles. It also protects and strengthens your follicles at the same time. 

Weight Loss and Metabolism

Collagen protein and weight loss go hand in hand. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides make you feel fuller using appetite suppression. These powders can also change your body composition and help preserve lean muscle. Having a higher percentage of lean mass is a major factor in metabolism.

Joint Pain and Arthritis

Pure marine Collagen is a vital part of your cartilage. It keeps the cartilage strong, which helps protect joints from damage. When collagen levels decrease, your cartilage starts to degrade. This side effect puts you at increased risk for stiff, immobile and painful joints. Left untreated, this can lead to problems such as joint inflammation and arthritis.

Leaky Gut and Digestion

“Leaky gut” is a condition where your intestinal tract (IT) lining shows damage. Various toxins and bacteria can enter your bloodstream, causing several infections and diseases. Collagen handles forming the connective tissue that protects the IT lining. It aids in the healing process, where needed. Collagen also prevents unwanted substances from escaping the small intestine.

Builds Stronger Bones

Lowered collagen levels lead to a variety of adverse health conditions. The most common outcome is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when the body loses bone tissue or fails to produce enough of it. As bone density decreases, the risk of bone fractures can increase.

If you need any more help with choosing the correct the correct collagen for your age, our customer service is on-hand to help you.


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Pure marine collagenPure Marine Collagen – Type I Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder – 360g (12g per serving) 30 serving
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