360° Abdominal Compression board One Size Black Compression Board


The abdominal board wrap is a must-have in your liposuction or tummy tuck postoperative recovery.

Get this important aid to compress your belly and support your posture while creating a soft barrier over your sensitive skin, which will help you speed up the recovery process.

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This 360° Abdominal compression board will help you get proper compression and support during  liposuction or tummy tuck recovery

This liposuction Ab board helps prevent fluid retention and makes you feel comfortable again, in a fast and simple way. It offers several benefits for women recovering from abdominal surgery including:

 Compression and Support

The board provides 360° support and firm compression to the abdominal area. This compression can aid in reducing swelling, controlling edema, and promoting proper healing.

Belly protection

This 360° Abdominal compression board controls your belly and those undesired love handles while preventing fluid retention, skin folds, and irritation. One of the best ab boards post-surgery liposuction, abdominal board, abdominal board post-surgery, flattening ab board, foam for liposuction.

Improved Posture

The abdominal board is the best alternative when you need extra support on your midsection after an aesthetic procedure. It helps maintain proper posture during the recovery period, preventing slouching or bending that could strain the surgical site. This can also contribute to reducing discomfort and supporting the back.

Enhanced Circulation

Proper compression from the 360° compression board can stimulate blood circulation, which is crucial for healing. Improved circulation helps reduce the risk of blood clots and promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the healing tissues.

Reduced Complications

By providing support and compression, the abdominal board can help minimize complications such as seromas (fluid accumulation) and hernias that may arise during the recovery phase.

Comfort and Mobility

Wearing an abdominal board can offer a sense of comfort by providing stability and reducing movements that might cause pain. It also allows for better mobility during the healing process.

Assist in contouring

For women undergoing certain cosmetic procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks, this 360° abdominal board can enhance the molding effect of your postoperative girdle body shape, and contour the abdominal area by maintaining the desired shape during recovery.

Accelerated Healing

The board can aid in promoting faster healing by stabilizing the surgical area, allowing tissues to heal properly without undue stress or strain.

Adjustable Lipo Foam board

360°  Abdominal compression board can be adjusted according to your own needs. Our foam boards for lipo recovery can be fixed on your waist and will not move as easily as others. This post-surgery ab board will correct your posture a little by providing great support and compression.

Use a bodysuit or shapewear to create your hourglass figure and recover faster.

If you need any help with finding the right shapewear that will fit properly with your Ab board, our customer service is on-hand to help you find the Faja compression garment that will provide you with the best body shaping experience.


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360° Abdominal board liposuction foam360° Abdominal Compression board One Size Black Compression Board
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