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Are you ready for that total body transformation? These shapewear thighs  butt lifters come really high up to shape, sculpt and transform your silhouette.  These high-waisted shaping mid-thigh shorts are lightweight, stretchable and powerful fabrics for best fit . They feature fully-bonded front-panels  made with 3 layer of fabrics to hide belly fat, control the tummy area and flatten the abdominal.

These shapewear thighs  butt lifters are one row hook design to make it easier to wear. These come in open-butt and close butt designs. Both designs provide a 360 degree shaping with a tabletop flat stomach. They  also have a booty enhancing feature which gives you a beautiful peach booty.

If you need any help with choosing the right shaping thighs  for your outfit, our customer service is on-hand to help you choose the ones that will provide great comfort and best  results.

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